Stefan Lindberg-Jones

Managing Director

With 18 years of broadcast experience, Stefan worked for companies such as OSN, ITV, Sky, and Aljazeera. In 2008, he switched his focus to production, initially working for Resolution Productions as GM, then investing in a partnership in LimeLight Productions, and finally setting up his own production company, Ginger Camel, in 2011.

Najwa Hanafi

Head of Film

Having worked on many award winning short films, animations and television commercials, Najwa has invaluable experience in production.  She works with spirit and drive, casting her creative and technical eye over all of Ginger Camel’s work and is renowned for her meticulous approach to production.

Sacha Boxell


Sacha heads the film team with experience working in Europe and the Middle East for major clients such as Saudi Aramco and Selfridges. With a Masters Degree in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths, the University of London, and a diploma in Directing at the New York Film Academy, his specialty lies in directing actors and a passion for creating beautiful images on the screen.


Akhil Balakrishnan

Cameraman/ Editor

Akhil has in-depth experience with making various advertisements and short films and a keen interest for learning and engaging with new editing techniques. With a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication from the Nehru Arts & Science College in India, he works primarily with camera and post-production. 

Ann Jangsell

Director of Business Development

With a background in film and acting, Ann also has over 20 years of experience in business and sales. With her cheerful and positive attitude, she has the experience and communication skills to win over anybody.

Vedran Strelar

Director of Photography

With a tremendous passion for filming and photography, our in-house “Croatian Creation Engine” Vedran, is affable, knowledgeable and committed to getting fantastic results on every project. In his downtime, he researches the latest techniques and technologies across the world of film production, animation, and photography.

Scott Houston

Sound Engineer/Production Coordinator

Scott had an interest in all things audio from a young age, being a musician and producer. He worked on a Cannes Award-winning short and gained an AVA Platinum award for his work on our podcast, ‘Doha Heat.’  Well-known as a sound designer for horror films, he has an intricate knowledge of how sound lifts a film off the screen.

Noweihi Wangsa

Operations Manager

Raised in Sri Lanka with a university degree from Malaysia, Noweihi is our very own “jack-of-all-trades.” With prior experience in auditing and financial services, he quickly began taking on additional responsibilities in business development and human resource management.

Analie Tagud

Office Administrator

With extensive experiences in internal and external communications in the chemical industry, Analie is now our dedicated office administrator, handling everything from company logistics to client coordination. She is also a photography enthusiast and often assists the film team in pre-production and organization.

Shiju Krishnan

Logistics Coordinator

Shiju is responsible for the logistical requirements of Ginger Camel. His positive, can-do attitude also means he’s also constantly growing his knowledge of film production techniques and podcast production.

Ifath Sayed

Content Marketing Executive

Ever since childhood, Ifath read books, leading to her strong writing and content production skills. With a journalism degree from Northwestern University and exceptional editing and research experience, she handles content marketing, digital media, and podcast production.