Your Onion Podcast - Ep45 - 10.10.2016 - Interview With Mohamad Shabeeb - Director Consultant of BNI Qatar

Getting to the point where network events are gaining you no results and your just gaining weight from the food and drink you consume while talking about everything apart from business. 

As we see the oil and gas prices fall, it’s put extra pressure on business owners, sales and business development personnel to generate more leads and sales. So what's the solution? 

It could be the worldwide networking organization BNI, Business Network International  - which started 30 years ago in the US and reached Qatar two and half years ago. 

BNI is making a huge impact around the world in business circles. @youronion talks to Mohamad Shabeeb - Director Consultant of BNI Qatar to find out why BNI can help you increase sales and grow your business.

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