International Women’s Day is approaching…
It is a day set aside to celebrate women and their economic, political, and social achievements around the globe.
Ginger Camel has chosen to celebrate this occasion by highlighting the work of an extraordinary woman, who is making a great difference in this world.
We first met Fiona when she spoke on our Doha Heat Podcast. Her story, commitment and persistence were so inspirational, we invited her back a second time to our studio so we could capture her words on film. What unfolded was a touching and emotional experience for all involved.
Fiona Lovatt was an educator and teacher for 30 years in New Zealand before she arrived in Nigeria, in “the red zone” in the middle of a chaotic war situation. Most would have turned tail and left, but not Fiona. Although she knew the potential danger, she opted to stay and complete her mission. Since 2011, Fiona has been leading a number of community projects in Northern Nigeria, providing home, food, shelter, medical care, and education to orphans whose lives had been torn apart by the ongoing war against Boko Haram.
What possesses a woman from New Zealand, educated in the first world, at the peak of her career, to move to Kano, a place rife with horrendous war stories?
Find out more about her story on March 8th.

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