Ginger Camel Wins Centauri Award in 2017 Vega Digital Awards

Our “Ginger Camel 5th Anniversary Poem” Video has won a Centauri recognition in the 2017 Vega Digital Awards

The Vega Digital Awards is a competition opened internationally to all creative professionals. This year a huge amount of 1,500 submissions were judged by 37 judges from 16 different countries. Our “Ginger Camel 5th Anniversary Poem” Video was awarded second place in the Company Overview category. 

The video was made to celebrate our 5th Anniversary last year and our Managing Director, Stefan-Lindberg Jones, wrote the poem to show his gratitude to all the past and present Ginger Camel Team. One year on from that the Ginger Camel team are still working hard and putting in their best efforts as our 6th Anniversary comes around. 

Our new 2017 Ginger Camel Showreel also shows off what we have produced for our clients in the past year. 

We first published the video in our GINGER CAMEL 5TH ANNIVERSARY POEM blog post. 


We would like to thank all the people who have supported and trusted us throughout the past 6 years and for making this all happen. We are still continuing to commit to our best efforts to make high-quality works. 

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