We are looking for Digital Marketing Executive!

Please read the Job Description below. If you think you fit in the position, feel free to send your CV at contact@gingercamel.com


  • Graduate of Marketing, Management or equivalent courses

  • With 3-4 years of experience in Digital Marketing as a specialist or manager

  • At least 1 year in B2B sales experience

  • Expert knowledge in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Email Marketing and other digital media advertising

  • Proficient in English Communication (Arabic knowledge is a plus)

  • Good presentation skills

The selected candidate will lead the Digital Media division of Ginger Camel to perform the following functions:

1. Digital Marketing Management for Ginger Camel 

  • Plan, create and optimize all the online and offline marketing activities to promote all Ginger Camel Services under the departments of Film, Digital and Media, through social media, SEO, pay per click, blogging, and email marketing.

  • Manage all digital accounts of the company such as the social media accounts, web pages, email tools, youtube accounts and more

  • Create calendar of campaigns and prepare all necessary creative and strategic content.

  • Coordinate with all departments in planning and actual launching of any campaign to promote Ginger Camel whether for branding or for sales purpose.

   2. Sales and Business Development Management for Digital Services

  • Conduct marketing research to continuously improve offered services, packages and tactics. 

  • Ensure that the online marketing services that we provide are updated and fit to the current trends, while keeping the rates competitive with other similar providers.

  • Look for potential partners to improve the current services and for future developments and expansion as well.

  • Look for opportunities such as networking and other lead generation tactics.

  • Manage all existing databases, ensuring that we always keep it updated with new contacts and deleting all non-active contacts.

  • Schedule meetings through calls and emails to potential clients for company introduction and proposal presentations

  • Prepare and submit all technical and commercial proposals to the clients and monitor feedback and approval as well.

  3. Accounts Management

  • For any closed deal, you will act as the project and account manager, ensuring that the flow of project planning, execution and evaluation will be smooth and seamless. You will also be responsible to ensure that the client is satisfied in all aspects of our service.

  • Liaise in securing all necessary documents and requirements to ensure payment settlement of every project.

  • Look for and coordinate with freelancers appropriate for each project.

  • At times, if you are able, you will provide the services to the client, depending on the project (eg social media advertising, SEO, blog writing etc)

  • Others: As the lead, you are also responsible in hiring new members of the team if necessary; assigning tasks, managing them and providing performance reviews.

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