Understanding Digital Marketing Sales Funnel: WHAT to Do with WHO?

Have you ever encountered salespeople who are too pushy in selling their offers? It is annoying I know.
But don’t be too harsh on them. They are just doing their job, but sadly, didn’t know well how to do it properly.

As a marketing and sales professional, you are responsible for having knowledge not just on your services and products, but on two other very essential factors as well: 

WHO you are talking too: your customer category or stage of buying (exploring, deciding, purchasing or advocating)

WHAT approach or action to do: the proper way to engage a customer based on his or her category

This principle of knowing WHAT to Do with WHO is also very much applicable to Digital and Online Marketing. You can’t just run campaigns without strategizing and planning each action to take for your individually unique audience who can turn as potential clients. Otherwise, any of these things can happen, which you wouldn’t be happy about:

a.    Good Audience, Bad Content
b.    Good Content, No Audience
c.    Good Content but NOT Relevant to Audience= NO Results

To help you understand how it works in marketing online, and how you can still have control of doing effective sales and marketing approach though you can’t see and engage with your clients face-to-face, Ginger Camel Digital is giving you the answers for the WHO and the WHAT at specific stages:

Before starting at any stage, pre-requisite is something that the entire your entire marketing team should be involved in; Planning. At this part, create branded and effective content that you will promote in your media. It can be photos, videos, articles or other campaign materials.

When you have the materials ready, then you can move to the next phases.

Stage 1

Who: The “Unaware” Audience- this is the largest part of the funnel. They are the audience who is at the stage of “Exploring”. They are open to knowing things that are relevant to their needs, regardless of who is offering it.
What: Get “Reach”- your audience in this stage is at 100% so this is your best chance to reach all of them. Get a good reach and be visible to them through the posting of you content in the search engines, social media accounts, and blogs or articles. Remember that the main objective here is to drive them to your website, where they can know about your business and your offers better.

Stage 2

Who: With “Interest Established” Audience- this is the audience that is ready to decide. At this stage, after getting to your website from an interesting post content that you created, it only needs another push for them to say they will get their needs from your business.
What: “Act”- don’t lose your audience when you already got their attention, do something! Make sure that they will see your site as worth-finding by having relevant and rich content, engaging activities, and useful information. A good website visit experience is the key to invite them to take the next stage.

Stage 3

Who: A “Convinced Buyer”- if you did very well in the first 2 stages, then you will have the audience that will interest you most for your business, the buyers! They have acknowledged the problem and the need to solve it with what exactly you offer them. Just make sure you won’t let them leave until the conversion.
What: Aim for “Conversion”- secure the best offers for the buyers not to go anywhere else. If they are not purchasing yet or contacting you yet at the moment, make sure you know how to reach them again to do re-marketing. A data collection is important on this stage. You’ve got your hot leads, make that conversion/sale!

Stage 4

Who: The “Advocates”- having repeat customers is your best way to gauge how well your product or service is. These advocates are you loyal and happy customers that can definitely bring more new clients to your business as well.
What: “Engage”- Keep feeding your audience on this stage with good content so they remain thrilled about your products and services. Involve them in your social media activities and feature them on your articles as well. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways of marketing at no cost!

These are the 4 Stages of a Digital Marketing Sales Funnel! But have you gone yet on the pre- requisite and most important part? The Planning Stage!

If you are still confused and is not sure on where and when to start what, Ginger Camel Digital is more than willing to help.

Just Click HERE for a FREE Initial Online Marketing Consultation and we will schedule you for a meeting to review how you are doing now and discuss things that can help you get to a better position online.
We are excited to help you grow your business with us!

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