If you are running or managing a business in Qatar and you are offered by an agency to adopt Digital Marketing with a promise to improve your business sales and growth, I bet that you wouldn’t toss a coin for an answer of a Yes or a No, would you?

Your business does not deserve a guess for success. That is not smart.

But I am not saying that going digital isn’t smart. In fact, for Qatar business establishments, it is!

But it is best if you do your homework before paying for a service that tells you, “This is what’s best for your company.” Like a mother to her child, of course, you know your business better than anybody else does. So let’s see if the claim will be valid to you as well.

We are giving you 2 Reasons based on the most important factors to consider in your business:

Businesses- your probable competitors are here

Market- your clients/consumers

Based from Qatar’s ICT Landscape 2016: Business’ report released by the Ministry of Transport and Communications 

BUSINESSES in QATAR (out of 44,439 business establishments)

•       83% of business establishments believe their businesses have benefited from ICT and Digital Media

•       Internet penetration is at 70%

•       Web presence nearly doubled from 20 percent in 2010 to 39% in 2015

•       Business growth and sales increasing from 27% in 2012 to 42% in 2015 thru internet activities

Reason # 1: Digital Marketing is appreciated and proven to be cost-effective by other businesses.


•       81% of internet usage is by households

•       Mobile penetration is 100% in the 15-24 yrs. bracket of which 98% are connected to the internet

•       59% of internet users are looking for goods and services

•       Social media use is rapidly increasing. You might want to check who has social media accounts in your office?

Reason # 2: Digital is where this generation is now and also where it is leading.

And because we are the company that offers Digital Marketing Services, of course, I will help you find reasons to say yes. The point is, numbers don’t lie, and we did not invent those figures.

More than making business, we are here to help. Our aim is to ensure that no company in Qatar will be left behind.

If you aren’t convinced yet, why don’t we take a closer look at how your business is doing in the www?

Anytime you wish, just give us a call, and we will help you decide. A FREE Audit  by Ginger Camel Digital  is what we’ll pay in return for your shown interest.

Or click HERE for Consultation Schedule!

We will hear from you soon! :)

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