4 Simple Steps for Effective Social Media Management

Social Media Management means maximizing the use of social media platforms in promoting your business. This includes knowing what to post, when to post, and how to post it. Sounds easy, but if you fail to take each step in social media posting carefully, then you might end up with frustrations of low reach and engagement, or worst, none at all!

Here are the 4 Simple Steps in Social Media Management that we think can help you organize your social media posting practices.

1. Identify Your Objectives

What is the purpose of your post, is it to drive traffic to your site? Is it to promote a special offer, an event or new product? Is it to connect to your community? Or is it to improve brand credibility?

Start with a clear objective, then everything else will be aligned.

Here are the Categories of Objectives that you may choose from:

a. Inspire- anything positive to share is inspiring
b. Educate- make sure you share factual information
c. Converse or Engage- if you want to take stand on some issues and trending news
d. Promote- for launches of new products, promotions of special offers etc.

When to consider promotional post? A good rule of thumb to follow is the 80-20 rule: Keep 80 percent of 
your social media content non-promotional, and use the other 20 percent for (interesting, well-planned) 

2. Choose or Create a Content Material

A social media content material is what you want to post along with the text caption. This is what you are basically offering to your audience. Depending on your objective, you may choose from the following types of content: 

videos, news/blogs, images (banners, infographics), website/landing page, shared content: news, blogs, posts, quotes 

Read some TIPS to help you manage your content even better!

3. Choose the Platform

Which platform is best to use? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Email

These are the Considerations in choosing the best platform for your post:

- Nature of business (some platforms may not be suited to your business, say Pinterest for a construction company is really off)
- Type of Post (image, video, text?)
- Target Audience 

4. Create Post Text and Do the Actual Post

Make sure to make a great combination of your content and post text. 

Of course, you can’t just post as you wish. It has to be…strategized. We will share the detailed tips for this step in our next blog issue, so stay tuned!

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