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About Us

Ginger Camel Film is a valuable media and production resource for Qatar’s thriving and diverse business community. Since 2010 our talented team, hailing from around the world has created a work ethos and atmosphere unlike any other production company in Qatar.

We’ve received international awards and recognition for our work, but most importantly, we go above and beyond expectations to ensure we deliver on our client’s business goals.

Come to visit, and you’ll find that people seem to like to stay in our office, even after a meeting has finished. And they come back to us for new projects once we’ve completed their previous ones. It doesn’t happen by accident.

Our Core Values

We feel that the most important part of communication is listening, so that’s what we do; we listen.

When you work with us, you’ll find out just how important it is for us to understand and deliver on your business objectives - because we won’t stop until we match your needs with the perfect creative solutions.

Production Services

We produce high-quality films, animations, and photography. Using the latest techniques and technology, such as 4K and 3D animation, we’re transforming communications in Qatar.

Film Questionnaire

Believe in yourself and the crew around you, and the company, will shine. Shine bright enough and you will attract attention, and other companies will want to work with you.

Stefan Lindberg-Jones
Managing Director, Ginger Camel